Will you be 55 or older as of December 31, 2016? Do you want to have the time of your life while striving to be the best? The Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club is entering a team for this years BC Seniors games and we want you to be part of the team. The games take place in Coquitlam on September 20th through 24th 2016. Our teams have paddled hard in the Senior Games and have been able to bring home medals on numerous occasions.

To compete the competitors must be 55 years or older, be prepared to paddle hard and enjoy the benefits of socializing with a great group of people. So if you're thinking about paddling for the Heart of the Fraser, mark those dates down.

This year the fees are $15 for annual membership in the BC Summer Games Society. The participant fee $50 plus sport fee $27 (dragon boat) is required.

If you are interested in being part of Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club Masters Team please email Ron Denman at rondenman@telus.net. Please let Ron know as soon as possible if you want to join the team. The appropriate paperwork must be filled out.

Deadline for Society Registration is July 1st, 2016. Please email me if you want to be part of an incredible experience. We need 20 paddlers, a caller and a steersperson.

Ron Denman
Seniors Games Captain 

You can visit the BC Seniors Games Society web site for more information. The web site is http://www.bcseniorsgames.org/bcsgs/.